Woman, 22, who had 'sexual contact' three times with a boy, 14, avoids jail

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman who had sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy she met online has been spared prison.

Sophie Johnson engaged in sexual activity with the schoolboy on three occasions within the space of a few days, a court heard.

Newcastle Crown Court heard she had ignored warnings about his age and failed to take steps to ensure he was over 16.

However, once she realised how young he was, she stopped what was happening between them.
Johnson, of Elswick, Newcastle, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a child and was sentenced to a three year community order and must sign the sex offenders register for five years.

Setencing her, Judge Sarah Mallett said: 'This was a relationship of mutual affection, there was no pressure applied or grooming of any sort.
'She's a young lady who presents with a maturity level much younger than her age and she has her own vulnerabilities.

'She's remorseful and embarrassed and your honour can be confident that the court will not see her again.'

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Ridiculous! This judge's rationalization hamster must be on steroids!

I'm sure that this FEMALE judge would have been just as lenient on a MAN who did the same thing with a GIRL. [/s] SMDH

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... I could see a male judge rendering the same judgment. It's a both-sexes prejudice in favor of females. Nymphotropism knows no limits.

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why doesn't this judge just sign her report card, cut her a hall pass and be done with it? pillow talk and women walk.

then we can pretend justice flows where this a-hole goes.

constantly reminded of the Donahue show (90 ish?) where phil actually gave a sort of sermon at the end about how young boys are just as vulnerable as girls. the audience was adamant that the young boys not only liked it but needed this sort of 'growing up' lesson at the hands of older women.

as long as these 'near men' continue serving and kissing women's arses, women will continue to give them a spot to practice their landings. and a once 'honorable' profession goes down the tubes. thanks again 'equality' feminists, as if they knew the word's meaning.

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