In our opinion: The world must reenthrone the vital role of fathers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Society is reeling from the retreat of men from the home, neighborhood and society. Some have given up or given in to declining morals, values and narcissism. Others are struggling to be good fathers, are worried about making ends meet and are stressed about helping their children succeed. And still others feel they have failed as fathers and wonder if they are even needed anymore.

The world seems determined to dumb-down and even dismiss the role of men and fathers. The media often portrays men as knuckleheaded, bumbling idiots who have to constantly be saved from themselves.

Bashing men over the head with their faults while diminishing all the good they do is not helpful to men, women or children.

Numerous studies point to the fact that having a positive father or father figure in the home can be life-changing for children.'

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