UK: No10 confirms race commission will also examine why working-class white boys are behind in school

Article here. Excerpt:

'Number 10 has confirmed Boris Johnson’s new commission on racial disparities will look at “wider inequalities” such as why working-class white boys are behind others in school.

It comes after the review was branded a "back of a fag* packet" plan designed to "assuage the Black Lives Matter protest” by Labour.

Confirming work to establish the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities has already begun, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said a report and recommendations are expected by the end of the year.

He confirmed its membership is yet to be announced, but it will “examine continuing racial and ethnic inequalities in Britain”, reporting into Mr Johnson with the support of the existing Race Disparity Unit.'

* "fag" is British slang for "cigarette"

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