Nymphotropism in the age of rioting

Article here. This is one to watch. Bets she either walks or gets a slap on the wrist. Excerpt:

'The blurry video shows a woman holding a lighter to an indistinct object on a Brooklyn street. She vanishes off screen for a few seconds, then lurches back, lobbing what authorities say is a Molotov cocktail at a parked police van with four officers inside.

The officers weren't injured in the Saturday morning incident, and the suspect, later identified as Samantha Shader, 27, of the little Hudson Valley town of Catskill, tried to flee but was caught and arrested, authorities said. She now faces federal explosives charges. Her younger sister, Darian, was also booked on suspicion of resisting arrest.
The documents say Shader spent the last decade traveling the country “committing various crimes.” She was arrested 11 times in 11 states and convicted in three of those incidents. One was a drug charge in Oklahoma, according to the documents. Another was interfering with an officer in Connecticut. In Texas, she was convicted of assault causing bodily injury, the documents say. Prosecutors said she posed such a “severe and ongoing” risk that if were she to be released before trial she would “return to rioting.”

The judge agreed, and on Monday Shader was ordered held without bail until a preliminary hearing next week.
Angelique said Shader, who goes by Sam, plays the ukulele and spent years on the road working as a busker. Angelique said she didn’t know about Shader’s criminal history, but she defended her friend, saying in a Facebook message, “When you're out there on the road, especially as a young female, you may come into trouble. But that does not make a young woman a criminal or that any alleged past criminal history is their ‘fault.’”

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