Woman inherits estate after murdering husband and claiming emotional abuse

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman previously convicted of murdering her husband but successfully appealed down to a lesser charge of manslaughter will now be able to fully inherit his estate instead of the couple’s children.

In 2010, Sally Challen went to visit her estranged husband with a hammer in her purse. As her husband, Richard, ate lunch, Sally beat him to death with the Hammer, leaving a note on his body that said, “I love you.” She then fled the home and was later arrested and convicted for his murder.
The couple had already separated at the time of the murder. Richard moved out and began dating again, while Sally struggled to move on and eventually begged Richard to take her back. Sally told police after the murder, “I wasn’t thinking ‘I’m going to go and kill Richard’. I was thinking I’m going to go there and there’s a possibility, depending on how it panned out.”

Dalla, the Mirror reported, was convinced there was more to Sally’s reasoning behind killing her husband, so she reached out to Justice For Women, a feminist organization that defends women who killed their partners and claim to have been abused.

After Sally met with the organization, she started claiming she had been emotionally abused throughout her marriage to Richard. From the outside, friends described the marriage as “old fashioned” and said Sally was “all about servicing Richard.” The couple lived in luxury as Richard owned a second-hand car garage. The couple lived in a wealthy area of Surrey with their two sons, James and David, who each attended private school.
The media covering Sally’s story have positioned her as an abused wife who fought back without acknowledging the lack of evidence for her claims.

Sally was able to appeal her murder conviction and take a lesser charge of manslaughter. She was released after a judge determined she had served enough time for Richard’s death.

This week, Sally was also granted her request to inherit Richard’s estate, after a judge waived the rule that barred people who killed their spouse’s from inheriting their estate.'

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Wow. I can't believe the sons didn't disown the mom after all she did, including robbing them of their inheritance. Simping and gynocentrism truly know no bounds.

"Emotional Abuse"? What a joke! That does not warrant reducing a murder charge to manslaughter, even if it were true. My mom emotionally abused me most of my life. If I were to kill her, should I serve only 9 years in jail. Give me a G-ddamn break!

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