Search for murder-spree student who denounced gun violence and "toxic masculinity"

Article here. Insane behavior is driven by insanity, not ideologies. In the final analysis, to kill an otherwise physically unoffending fellow human is an act of insanity. A criminal act rightly punished by jail, etc., but an insane one. Crazy is as crazy does. Excerpt:

'The FBI and police in three states are hunting for a University of Connecticut student suspected in a terrifying three-day crime spree that included two murders, a home-invasion robbery, and a kidnapping.

Peter Manfredonia, 23, was last spotted on foot in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, carrying a large duffel bag that may contain weapons stolen from one of the victims.
Manfredonia, 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, is a former high school football player from the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, Connecticut, the community devastated by a 2012 school massacre.
In an August 2019 Facebook post following several mass shootings, Manfredonia wrote: “An irrefutable factor in this plague of violence effecting the nation MUST be attributed extremist views brought about by an environment that promotes toxic masculinity while enabling individuals with a dangerously severe lack of sympathy/remorse to freely acquire firearms. How much more will it take for people to understand SOMETHING in our system isn’t working and action needs to be taken? Remember the victims, not the shooters or their ideology.”'

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