DeVos' reforms draw challenge

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union, the veteran civil rights organization, filed a lawsuit challenging a newly enacted Trump administration policy change. The twist: The policy change is one that has been praised by numerous civil libertarians as expanding due process for people accused of offenses. The matter at hand is the enforcement of Title IX, the federal statute that bans sex discrimination in education and covers college disciplinary proceedings in cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos first proposed Title IX reforms and solicited community input three years ago, causing an outcry because the activists with whom she met at “listening sessions” included not only advocates for victims of campus sexual assault but also advocates for the accused. (Disclosure: I have been a paid speaker at events held by two of the groups that participated in those meetings.) Progressives quickly denounced the proposed reforms as rolling back protections for women on campus.
In another ironic twist, those opposing the new guidelines also include former Vice President Joe Biden, who championed the Obama-era policy and now promises to undo the DeVos reforms if elected. Yet he himself has just been the target of what now looks like a wrongful accusation of sexual assault. Perhaps this experience will remind the man who I hope will be our next president that the accused deserve protections, too — and encourage him, at least, to tread carefully before undoing a rare positive Trump-era legacy.

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