"Believe All Women’ Is a Right-Wing Trap"

Article here. Try not to laugh too hard. Excerpt:

'In fact, “Believe All Women” does have an asterisk: *It’s never been feminist “boilerplate.” What we are witnessing is another instance of the right decrying what it imagines the American women’s movement to be.

Spend some mind-numbing hours tracking the origins of “Believe All Women” on social media sites and news databases — as I did — and you’ll discover how language, like a virus, can mutate overnight. All of a sudden, yesterday’s quotes suffer the insertion of some foreign DNA that makes them easy to weaponize. In this case, that foreign intrusion is a word: “all.”'

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Believe women set up in the "correct" political dynamic. The others you can be as skeptical as you want to be.

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If "believe women" simply meant that we take claims of sexual assault seriously, there would be no need for it: we already do that.

The new hashtag is "never believe a feminist." They lie when the truth would do better.

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