SAVE: Students Need Your Help

From SAVE:

Last week SAVE asked you to email the White House and ask the administration to release the new Title IX regulations.

Thank you for doing that!

We ask you to please do one more thing.

Yesterday we learned of a specific email contact at the White House. May Davis works in the Executive Office of the President and is one of the people charged with deciding when to release the regulations.

She has stated she needs to hear from you. The White House needs to ensure there will be broad public support of people standing behind the release of the regulations during the Covid-19 crisis.

Please email May Davis at and give your full support for the release of the regulations.

As a background reminder, the Department of Education is pushing to get the regulations published, but there is a difference of opinion at the White House, as to whether to publish the regulations during this pandemic.

SAVE and other due process advocacy groups[1] say now is the best time to publish the regulations because campuses are quiet and empty of students. The administrators have the time and capacity to put implementation plans in place before the fall semester begins.

Most importantly, students and faculty deserve the right to have fair and equitable procedures when accused of a sexual misconduct issue. This includes presumption of innocence, timely and adequate written notice, and a meaningful hearing process.

When students walk onto campus in the fall, they should be taking their civil rights with them, not leaving them at home.

Thank you for being a part of this change!

The SAVE team


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