Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Writer Dana Schwartz Compares Men to Oscar The Grouch As She Continues Her Man-Hating Twitter Tirades

Article here. Excerpt:

'Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk writer continues to flood Twitter with her idiotic ideas and opinions that involve hating men.

Her latest tweet depicts men in straight relationships as Oscar the Grouch living in his iconic trashcan.

Schwartz simply wrote, “Every straight relationship.” She then retweeted a photo shared by Entertainment Weekly writer Marc Snetiker of Oscar the Grouch and Nicole Kidman.

As of writing, the tweet has been retweeted over 18,000 times and has been liked by over 164,000 people.

Now, some people may think this is a joke, but Schwartz’s past tweets regarding her hatred of men provide context that it’s more than likely not a joke, and she truly thinks men are like Oscar the Grouch with the comparison being they are garbage.

Dana Schwartz’s History Of Hating Men

Just recently she attempted to blame men for questioning her credentials that landed her a role as a She-Hulk writer. She claimed it was sexist to even question her about those credentials, while also claiming her employers also have the right to question her.'

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... but entirely another to be an unapologetic misandrist.

If this were any other class of person being villified, she'd be obliged to resign from her post as She-Hulk Comic Person.

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