From Abuse to Jobs, the Crisis Will Burden Women More Than Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Statistics show that the coronavirus affects men more than women. Yet, the pandemic will also scar a whole generation of women. Through increased abuse in the short run and systemic economic discrimination in the long run, women will bear a higher cost on their health as well as their economic independence.

In Hubei, the origin of the deadly outbreak, domestic violence reports to police more than tripled during the lockdown. As countries around the world quarantine their citizens, domestic abuse cases are rising.

The police in Uttar Pradesh, which is one of the worst states for violence against women in the country, has launched a new domestic violence helpline as cases surge during the COVID-19 lockdown. With schools and workplaces shut, women have no respite from abusive relationships.

According to the National Commission for Women chairperson Rekha Sharma, “The number has increased. Men are frustrated sitting at home and are taking out that frustration on women. This trend is especially seen in Punjab from where we have received many such complaints,”

There has been much discussion on the economic cost of this pandemic. In India, we are talking about mental health issues induced by isolation and anxiety. But very little has been said about abuse and assault of women in their homes.'

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... in large numbers, it seems women are always the most badly affected by whatever it happens to be.

Is it better to die of a disease or get into a fight w/ your mate over who has the TV remote? Which is worse?

The fix for DV is to eliminate the D. If ppl didn't cohabitate, there'd be a lot less DV. Or as Frank Burns on MASH once said: Marriage is the number 1 cause of divorce.

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My local newspaper ran an article stating that the number of calls to DV shelters and police re domestic violence has decreased, so obviously DV is going up because abused women are trapped with their abusers and can't call police. I've also seen articles claiming that there's been an increase in such calls, which also indicates incidents of DV are increasing.

Obviously if a rising number of calls and a falling number of calls both indicate a rise in DV, using the number of calls to measure DV is useless. We need some other way to measure whether DV is actually increasing or not. I suspect no one really knows, or cares to know. It's just about making women look like victims as part of a larger campaign of anti-male propaganda.

And these articles don't consider that violence by women against men might also be increasing.

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