Appeal court upholds order requiring accuser of ex-UBC prof Steven Galloway to produce documents

Article here. Excerpt:

'B.C.’s highest court has upheld an order for a woman who accused former University of B.C. professor Steven Galloway of sexual assault to produce documents relevant to the case.

The woman, who has only been identified by the initials A.B. due to a publication ban, was a student of Galloway, the head of UBC’s creative writing program, when allegations surfaced in November 2015.

The university stated at the time that serious allegations had been made against Galloway and that he had been suspended, resulting in an investigation by former B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mary Ellen Boyd.

The former judge concluded that Galloway had had a consensual affair with A.B., but the university fired him in June 2016 due to an “irreparable breach of trust.” UBC later paid Galloway $167,000 in damages after an arbitrator found that certain communication by the university violated his privacy and damaged his reputation.

In October 2018, Galloway sued a number of people, including A.B., alleging that he’d been defamed by false allegations of rape, sexual assaults and physical assaults by A.B., and repeated by the other defendants on the internet.'

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