Ball State joins list of schools facing students’ Title IX suits

Article here. Excerpt:

'As the U.S. Department of Education prepares to implement new regulations regarding sexual misconduct on college campuses, lawsuits filed by accused students claiming their rights were violated continue to boil over in the federal courts.

Complaints against institutions of higher education in Indiana have been filed in the Northern and Southern Indiana district courts. Also, a lawsuit against Purdue University — John Doe v. Purdue University et al., 17-3565 – became the first such case to reach the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has put forth a proposal that more clearly defines and, in some ways, limits a school’s responsibility in instances of sexual misconduct.

Attorney Scott Shockley of DeFur Voran in Muncie supports the proposed changes. He has represented Ball State University in a variety of matters and was recently successful in defending the school against a Title IX claim brought by a male student.

The proposals, he said, seek to balance the concerns about the rights of the accused students with the rights of the victims. They also seem to be trying to give the institutions an orderly and effective process.'

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