Oh Good, Another Anti-Male, ‘Woke’ Commercial – This One Featuring Brie Larson

Article here. Excerpt:

'If there’s one thing I need as a woman, it’s a slew of commercials telling me that men are bad, I’m a victim, and that some product will somehow change all of that.

The latest example of this nonsense comes from car maker Nissan, who debuted a new commercial this week featuring Brie Larson – who has made her modern feminism and anti-male bias well known. In the ad, a woman is out getting food-stand tacos with her male boss, who casually tells her, “So, I’m gonna hold on promoting you this quarter, cool?”


Ad here.

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If we're talking Japanese makes anyway, I'll take a Honda over a Nissan any day.

Just sayin'.

But yeah, this ad sucks.

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I found it to be cheesy. :)

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Like many ads trying to reach the female $, this company appeals to the misandry in women.

It validates the feminist framing of men as shallow oppressors of women, and presents women as victors, escaping the oppressive bordom of powerless female stereotypes enforced by the patriarchy. This ad comes from the same radical feminist school as the guillette disaster, but is more subtle.

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