The #MeToo balancing act in school

Article here. Excerpt:

'At some point in the discussion, some of his classmates asked questions, including one that challenged the “double standard” where girls could hit boys but “boys weren’t supposed to hit back to defend themselves,” said Chris, who, like others in this article, did not want his last name used because he feared online and offline retribution.

“They were shut down,” he said. “The girls kept saying that they shouldn’t have to answer any questions” because the boys should already know.

A similar clash played out last year between an all-boys and an all-girls school in Adelaide, Australia. I was in Australia conducting research for a book about healthy masculinity and working as a visiting scholar and lecturer at some boys schools.

One boy, Angus, a senior at the time, told me that he and a few friends asked questions about girls’ roles in the murky landscape of dating and sexual consent that were met with “furious resentment.” Angus said he had asked why girls were allowed to “touch and kiss us without asking.” He said he and his friends were told to leave.'

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