Where Feminism's Neoprudery Has Taken Us

Article here. Article link is to penthouse.com.au. Excerpt:

'These days, it can take surprisingly little for a good man to lose everything.
Of course, he’s just one of many men recently deemed guilty without the slightest bit of legal or social due process. What his accusers have in common, like so many women today, is festering passivity turned poisonous.

Bizarrely, their behaviour is a gift from what feminism has become. Feminists have gone from fighting for equal rights to demanding that women be treated like eggshells, not equals. Feminism has become a movement that disables women, ruins men’s lives, and destroys professional and romantic relationships between men and women.

Understanding how it goes about that is the single best way for a man to avoid social and professional ruin.
In line with this, Brit lit scholar and retired feminist Helen Pluckrose explains that in postmodernism, the intention of the speaker – what the speaker means to say – “is irrelevant. What matters is the impact of speech,” how the listener feels.

Yes... welcome to the origins of “Sexual harassment is whatever we say it is!” Under postmodernism, there’s no crime you can’t pin on somebody. You just claim you feel harmed or “unsafe” from something they’ve said or done – basically, take offence and run with it.

Postmodernism has a black sister, ‘intersectionality’. American law professor and social theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw pointed out in a 1989 legal journal article that black women get extra scoops of discrimination. Like white women, they’re discriminated against because they are women. But they’re also discriminated against on the basis of race, being black. As Crenshaw explains it, the intersection of these two “marginalised” identities compounds the discrimination black women experience.'

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