The Atlantic Obviously Doesn’t Have Any Idea ‘What It Means To Be A Man’

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s no secret that many cultural elites condemn manhood (and boyhood) as a serious social problem that desperately needs to be fixed, if not nixed completely. For these folks, manhood itself is inherently cancerous. It’s gotten pretty darn predictable.

It should concern us all that the more these people use the phrase “toxic masculinity” as a fact, the more it gets cemented into the general consciousness. One will not be able to think about “masculinity” without remembering it is “toxic,” and we have largely reached that point.

This is an extremely troubling turn, and people of good will should resist it. Masculinity is a male quality. Machismo is its ugly, toxic twin. Describe any potential date to the average woman as strong, masculine, and in control, and she will not be turned off in the least. Masculinity is a desirable virtue to most women. But this obvious fact does not keep magazines such as The Atlantic from regularly slapping masculinity in the face.'

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