1 in 5 British women feel ‘marginalised’ at the pub blaming sexism and male ‘banter’, study finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'Despite traditionally being seen as the heart of the community, a visit to their local leaves many females feeling 'out of place.'

Male banter (29 per cent) and loud behaviour (42 percent), along with sexism (55 percent) and 'showing off' (37 percent) are among the causes - rather than the pub itself.

In fact, many also feel this way when attending sport events including rugby (12 percent) and football (18 percent) matches.

And 20 percent feel uncomfortable around men when pursuing recreational activities such as poker.

The results arrive at a time when workplace culture is also changing to prevent women feeling excluded by laddish banter.'

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This is news? "Women sometimes feel uncomfortable around men" is not news in the same way that gazelles may find the presence of lions to be disturbing. :)

Seriously, there is nothing new here. Female hypersensitivity to maleness in se combined with what I refer to as Feminine Hypercriticality of Anything Male naturally produces such results.

Can't deal with men? Too fucking bad. Women who just plain can't handle the sounds and sights of men just plain having fun and/or being men can stuff it. I suggest they all get together in a big man-free space (they can have Montana or some part of Texas) and enjoy life in the Wymyns' Republic of Femina and leave us the fuck alone.

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