Face of #MeToo movement at AZ Capitol now accused of sexual misconduct

Article here. Excerpt:

'After she became a face of the #MeToo movement in Arizona that led to the expulsion of State Rep. Don Shooter, there are now accusations that Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita sexually harassed a former lobbyist.

Ugenti-Rita was one of the women who accused Shooter of sexual harassment, allegations that eventually got him kicked out of office. The accusations against Ugenti-Rita come from a sworn deposition that was just released Wednesday. Investigators interviewed a woman about various times she was made uncomfortable by Ugenti-Rita and her now-husband, Brian Townsend.

The lobbyist’s sworn claims happened before the allegations that ended Shooter’s political career. She says Ugenti-Rita and Townsend were trying to recruit her as a partner for sexual acts when Ugenti-Rita was still in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2013 to 2015.

The victim says, as a lobbyist, she invited Ugenti-Rita out for birthday drinks to help solidify her professional relationship with her. She got uncomfortable when Ugenti-Rita allegedly showed photos of herself in lingerie on her phone.'

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