#MeToo Jumps Another Shark

Article here. Excerpt:

'Among the tidal wave of sexual misconduct allegations in the early days of #MeToo, one little-noticed story concerned an indie country-rock emo band called Pinegrove. On November 21, 2017, the band canceled its tour because of a “sexual coercion” charge against lead singer Evan Stephens Hall. A lengthy message from Hall on Pinegrove’s Facebook page asserted that the accusation stemmed from a complicated, intense relationship that he believed to have been mutual and “based in love.” However, the singer also castigated himself for having “monumentally misread the situation.” In particular, he wrote that he “should have more actively acknowledged my position of power as a public figure, and also as a man.”

In other words, two people in the unstructured setting of an indie band that was sort of like a workplace (but on which no one was financially dependent) became sexually and romantically involved. It didn’t work out. The woman felt hurt, perhaps especially because this situation led to the loss of another relationship. Later, she decided that what happened was somehow “implicitly manipulative” because of the man’s “power”— which she admits he didn’t actually have, except that it “felt like he did.”

If someone set out to write a scathing #MeToo satire, it’s hard to see how it could top this.'

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needed a playbook for the list of characters.

he isn't making much of a showing as a 'man', as he calls himself. he cowers and vomits feminist jargon about his intrinsic privilege as a male. somebody had all the power in this relationship but it sure as he!! wasn't him.

throughout history fascists (feminists) have always been the life (and death) of a party. unfortunately for us, it winds up being the 'socialist' or 'communist' party.

these people are dangerous and cost many, many millions of lives in the last century. so, here we go again? ssdd? sure looks it.

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