Texas mother trying to transition her young son into a girl loses in court again

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Texas mother attempting to transition her seven-year-old son into a girl has lost again in court, with the judge ordering that both the boy's mother and father, who is opposed to the transition, have joint conservatorship over the child.

The long, contentious battle over James Younger's fate has played out over several months. In October, a jury ruled that James' father, Jeffrey Younger, should be stripped of his conservatorship role over the boy, leaving James' mother, Anne Georgulas, in charge of James' medical decisions. The boy's mother is determined to transition James into a girl, while the father does not want it to happen.

A judge later ordered that Younger was to share joint conservatorship over the child. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot subsequently declared that the state would investigate the circumstances surrounding James' rearing.'

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