NBC Fawns Over Female Dem Impeachment Managers ‘Making History’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Continuing to marvel over the female impeachment managers, Hunt pulled out a picture of the Republican House mangers during the impeachment of Bill Clinton: “So this is a photo of the impeachment managers in the last case. And I know, Congresswoman Lofgren, you were here for it. What’s your reaction to seeing just how different it looks?”

Lofgren quipped: “Well, a whole room of old white guys...” She then applauded her current team of Democratic prosecutors: “I do think it’s nice that we have really a group that looks like America, that’s over there standing up for our Constitution.”

Not finished with the sexist commentary, Hunt noted: “So a poll released this week showed that 59% of women say that the President should be removed from office, but just 42% of men say the same. What’s with the difference?”

Garcia claimed: “Women are smarter than men.” Demings chimed in: “And women are paying more attention.” Lofgren philosophized: “Not that men don’t care, but women are thinking about their children and their grandchildren and what kind of world are they going to have.”'

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