Library says ‘Girls Who Code’ program doesn’t violate Title IX because it lets in boys (if they ask)

Article here. Excerpt:

'If you went to the library and saw an offered program called “Girls Who Code,” would you think it was open to your son?

Northern California’s Sebastopol Library, which receives federal education funding and is thus subject to Title IX, is arguing that its coding program’s name is irrelevant to who’s allowed to participate in it.
Holley said boys have participated in the “Girls” class in the past, though the library has never tried to verify each participant’s gender through an, ahem, personal inspection.

Manthey should really get over the “title” of the class, since every class is open to everyone, according to Holley.'

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Let's start "boys who code" and respond the same way when the snowflakes start complaining.

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