Title IX lawsuits have skyrocketed in recent years, analysis shows

Article here. Excerpt:

'For the last several years, backlash has intensified over guidance the Obama-era Education Department released in 2011 dictating how colleges and universities should adjudicate sexual assault and harassment cases.

Critics of the rules claimed they were too slanted against students accused of sexual violence, depriving them of constitutional due process rights. They also argued administrators were pressured to find accused students responsible for sexual misconduct under the threat that not acting to mitigate sexual violence would lead to the federal government pulling institutions' funding.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos revoked the Obama-era guidance in 2017, eventually replacing it with draft regulations that would carry the force of law and would provide more protections for accused students. The regulations also potentially lessen the number of cases colleges would need to investigate and force officials in campus Title IX hearings to allow cross-examination between the parties.'

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