Nearly twice as many fewer men enrolled in college v. women this year v. last year

Article here. Excerpt:

'According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, college enrollment this fall took a steep dive with nearly 250,000 fewer students than last year opting out of higher education entirely.

While those numbers may come as a shock to some, the truth is that over the past eight years, enrollment rates around the country have fallen approximately 11 percent.
According to the study, approximately 159,000 fewer men and nearly 84,000 fewer women are enrolled compared to fall 2018.

Florida led in enrollment declines, with 52,328 students missing from their rosters. However, 15 states saw an increase in enrollment, such as Utah, which led the country with roughly 16,800 less students enrolled since 2018.'

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1. Insane cost
2. Hostile environment for men and women who don't drink the Kool-Aid
3. Counter-examples of success w/o college degrees and lack of success with college degrees
4. Four years is a long time
5. Alternatives that yield better results in terms of job opportunities

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