New York Passes Landmark TV Diversity Tax Credit Legislation

Article here. Excerpt:

'New York state has adopted a landmark TV diversity law that will provide production tax incentives to companies that hire women and people of color for writing and directing jobs.

The bill championed by the Writers Guild of America, East and Directors Guild of America calls for incentives of up to 30% of an individual’s salary so long as the person lives in New York. The credit would be capped at $150,000 in salaries and fees per person, and $50,000 per episode. The state has set aside $5 million for the program.

The bill has been circulating around Albany for several years. It was vetoed last year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo because of what he said were concerns about how the credit would be calculated. This time around Cuomo said he secured commitment from the legislature to study the “underutilization” of women and people of color as writers and directors. It would also require a set number of days that the project has to shoot in New York. Cuomo notes that those and other restrictions were important because the bill expands New York state’s expansive tax credit program to supporting above-the-line roles for the first time.'

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... all persons hired by any TV or film production company will need to be approved by the State Central Committee on Culture.


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In recognition of the under-performance of women and people of color in contributing to taxation, they are to be given the incentive of being taxed at up to 30% more, or until they reach the taxation status of the average men and people of no color. It is therefore hoped that they will use the extra educational and vocational advantages they have had for decades to actually pay their own way.

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