Western-style third-wave feminism hits China

Story here. Short hop I guess from S. Korea to China. Excerpt:

'State feminism has been an integral part of the China’s ideology ever since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The Communist Party has brought tremendous advancement concerning the involvement of Chinese women in all spheres of life. They invented International Women’s Day, which is now celebrated in most countries around the world.

Now, however, Western-style feminism is getting in. Intersectionality, division, divisiveness, the entire gender mess, and the feminist violence are now being seen in China.

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese authorities don’t like it. Unlike outside the most populous country in the world, when Chinese authorities don’t like something, it can be ruthlessly repressed, even with the post-Mao era changes.
The official communist feminist movement seems surprisingly quiet in all this. As the infiltrating tactics of Cultural Marxism start to encourage feminism in senior schools, the the small but growing Western feminist movement takes hold. Women who had previously avoided political discussion are now deciding to identify themselves publicly with this kind of feminism on social media. China’s government’s internet censors are working overtime to forcefully close down this ‘new’ feminist content.

Censorship never works for long. Only open debate, public discussion, clear examination of what is, and is not, the truth can help to dispel an invidious ideology that relies on stealth, lies, deceit and violence.'

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