Dad Allegedly Beat College’s Title IX Coordinator With a Baseball Bat Over His Daughter’s Rape Case

Article here. Excerpt:

'A father was arrested on Friday for allegedly beating up his former co-worker, a Title IX coordinator at the University of Portland, over the handling of his daughter’s sexual-assault investigation.

Patrick Ell, 52, was charged with second-degree assault of Matthew Rygg, who also serves as associate vice president for student development at the private Roman Catholic university. On Friday, Ell allegedly waited outside of Rygg’s home around 9 p.m., hit him over the head with a baseball bat, then chased him down the street.
Ell and his daughter, Clara Ell, have publicly spoken about the allegation that she was raped in her University of Portland dorm by a classmate and their belief that the investigation was mishandled. The university’s formal conduct hearing process reportedly found that Clara’s purported rapist was “not responsible” and that the case did not warrant further looking into.

Clara’s family appealed that finding, but it was reportedly upheld by Holy Cross Father John Donato, the vice president for student affairs at the university. Afterward, Clara’s father, who worked as the assistant director of leadership at the school, reportedly quit his job.'

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... amount to expulsion or worse, it's "not fair".

Fathers of daughters, when it comes to believing anything Princess says, are the worst. Some may say you can't blame them, even when they get drunk (he had been at an Xmas party) and take a baseball bat to someone's head. I say you can.

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