Are There Still Safe Passages Left for Men?

Article here. Excerpt:

'In Adam Shankman’s film, “What Men Want,” Taraji P. Henson’s character solicits a compliment from a man. “My ass doesn’t look good in this skirt?” she asks rhetorically. The man replies, “In the current cultural climate it feels inappropriate for me to comment on your body.” A sharp reminder from her that she wants approval prompts his candor: “Tight as a snare drum; you could bounce a quarter off that thing!”

Henson’s callipygian talent agent is out to rebuke and conquer her white male bosses and rivals, though when she still wants flattery from males, she’ll ask for it — or demand it. But this is a comedy; in the real-life cultural climate, no rational man would risk making a remark about a woman’s backside in public.'

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... by avoiding women at work and generally.

This doesn't mean I can't find women to fuck. That's actually surprisingly easy. I just don't socialize with them or interact unnecessarily outside the process of finding, feeling, fucking, then forgetting them. Trust me, this is much safer than dealing with them these days in any other capacity.

But they make good vets, I've noticed. :)

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