India: "School Boys To Take Pledge To Not Misbehave With Girls": Arvind Kejriwal

Article here. Excerpt:

'Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a plan to educated boys in schools not to "misbehave with girls". "(Deputy Chief Minister) Manish Sisodia and I have decided that in all government and private schools, we will get all boys to take a pledge that they will never misbehave with a girl," Arvind Kejriwal said at an event organised by industry body FICCI in Delhi.
"We need to build a moral pressure on boys that we will not tolerate bad behaviour. All the girls will also be asked to talk to their brothers, to tell them that he cannot ever misbehave with any girl," Mr Kejriwal said. "Mothers need to tell their male children that if you ever do something to a girl, I will never let you inside this house again. We will have to have this conversation with boys," he added.'

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