This travel group is for women only because adventure has ‘been the privilege of men for too long’

Article here. Excerpt:

'But all the great successes they’re enjoying doesn’t come without criticism. Bex added that the female-only aspect of it has invited some backlash.

‘I receive regular criticism for having a women’s only group and have been called a hypocrite and a sexist.

'Men have been dominating the adventure and outdoor scene since its beginnings so I can’t see a problem with having a group that celebrates an underrepresented group in this field.'

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Women-only outdoor adventure/tour groups have been around quite some time.

This doesn't mean they aren't exclusionary. It means they're old hat as far as women-only businesses go. My guess is such ventures are very popular among lesbians both as ways to get away w/o having men around and also as dating clubs.

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include shopping (on men's dime).

eating out. notice how 'out' is included in the term 'eating OUT' or 'dining out'.

going out - again. out is part of the term.

kicking husband 'out'. they also like making 'out'.

to aliens they would sound a lot like 'outside' creatures.

like in making 'out' like a bandit on the backs of men.
sounds very safarish to me.

no worries. they can claim all the outside stuff they think they can handle. plenty to go around. better than wearing 'out' some poor sofa.

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