Judge approves jury trial against university for alleged Title IX kangaroo court

Article here. Excerpt:

'“A reasonable juror could decide that it is not ‘fair’ to require a student who knows little or nothing to figure out what s/he does not know in order to ask productive questions.”

With this finding and many more, a federal judge refused to dismiss an expelled student’s lawsuit against a Rhode Island university for allegedly running him through a Title IX kangaroo court.

One of the core issues in the lawsuit against Johnson & Wales University is the burden the administration put on “John Doe” to understand the finer details of its adjudication process, as if the student were a trained lawyer. It created confusion for John and benefited his accuser, who faced no such burdens.

Not only did the administration fail to fully explain the process to him, John alleged, but it prevented him from questioning either his accuser or her boyfriend, who brought her sexual assault accusations to campus police.'

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