"It's like parenting on steroids": Raising boys in the #MeToo era

Article here. Excerpt:

Ruth Whippman, an author and mother of three young sons, says that as a self-identifying feminist, conversations with her kids about these issues can cause some cognitive dissonance for her.

"I think it's a really complicated time to be raising boys, because as a feminist I don't want to be there saying, 'Oh, boys are the real victims here, and feminism has gone too far.' ... But I think there are some pressures and difficulties, which are very specific to boys in this moment, and they are part of the conversation of feminism and gender roles," she says.

"I think the whole atmosphere has gotten so charged when we come to gender politics, and to defend boys feels like you're somehow denigrating girls, or denigrating feminism, which is absolutely the opposite of what I want to do. And it sort of feels a bit of an 'us versus them' thing, and if you tell one story, you're automatically taking up space that could be used to tell another story. "'

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