Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh On Modern Culture Destroying Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'On the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Tuesday evening, Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh gave a speech on how our modern culture is destroying masculinity.

Walsh pinpointed four areas where our culture is destroying boys, namely the complete saturation of pornography, the female-tailored education system, the denigration of masculinity, and intentional gender confusion directed at boys.
Next, Walsh targeted the education system, which he argued is tailor-made for females and works to punish boys, especially by over-diagnosing male students with “disorders” for simply exhibiting behaviors normal in boys.
“The problem is us, not them,” Walsh asserted. “We are the ones who need to change. If there is no room in our schools, in our homes, in our culture, for boys who act like boys, then our schools and our homes and our culture — not our boys — are sick. If we have established a system that cannot handle half of the kids who are fed into it, then the system is broken. Tear the system down. But leave the boys alone.”

Boys are also hit with challenges, the “Unholy Trinity” author argued, due to deluge of media denigration of masculinity.

Nobody would dare mock femininity as “toxic” or “fragile,” but these types of attacks on masculinity is commonplace, he said. “Nobody would label all women ‘dangerous’ or ‘potential monsters to be feared,’ as someone from The New York Times once said about men.”'

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