Women can now shut down male-only debates in Germany's Green Party

Article here. Excerpt:

'Germany's Green Party has placed the power to debate directly into the hands of women.

A new ruling, adopted at the party's conference in Bielefeld, which ran from Friday to Sunday, stipulates that its female members have the right to decide whether a debate continues in the event of gender imbalance among its speakers.

The Greens had previously ruled that women and men were required to speak alternately during party debates.

In the event that only men were available to speak, all members were required to vote on whether the debate should continue, according to the women's statute in the party's constitution.

But the new ruling states that only female members should have the power to decide whether a discussion continues in such an event.

"If the list of female speakers is exhausted, the women of the assembly should be asked if the debate should continue," the ruling states.

The amendment means that in the event of a gender imbalance, male members will no longer have a say in whether a discussion continues, placing power firmly in the hands of female members.'

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where ever u look, its obvious to all but the brain dead.

women will NEVER get the concept of true equality. they have been the pampered and worshipped gender for too long. only when really hard times take everything, like a depression hits, will society show them 1st hand what real equality looks like. and then it will only hit them once the simps are eliminated and there is no one left to serve them. that won't take long.

oh how the truly privileged will then fall. guess there is an up side to everything.

these clueless millennials elect one of their socialists miracle workers and that ending will come sooner than later. just ask someone/anyone who survived the 'great' marxist leaders of the last century. history really does appear to repeat itself if only we refuse to study the truths of the past.

I probably won't be around to see it so I will go ahead and say it: I told u so.

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