Joe Biden's Record on Campus Due Process Has Been Abysmal. Is It a Preview of His Presidency?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Though his reputation rests on his moderation, Biden's approach to campus sexual assault is part of a pattern: He identifies an actual problem, engages in inflammatory—and sometimes false—rhetoric about it, then fashions a harsh, overreaching response that sweeps up the harmless and even the innocent. He has been called to task on the consequences of this approach to the federal wars on drugs and crime. (As a senator, he was a key figure in overseeing comprehensive drug and crime legislation.) Over the years, and especially since announcing his presidential run, he has repudiated some of the policies he previously promoted.

But he continues to tout his work on campus sexual assault. He boasted about it at the second presidential debate. How did Biden come to advocate such extreme policies on this topic? And if he were elected, what would it mean for how he would govern?

An analysis this spring in The Chronicle of Higher Education gives Biden full credit for the campus reforms. "Advocates say the sweeping Title IX changes that have transformed higher education would not have happened without Biden's support," the Chronicle notes. (Title IX is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education.) Campus security consultant S. Daniel Carter, who worked with the vice president on these issues, said, "This movement would not exist without Joe Biden."'

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is like cookies w/o the milk - hard to swallow.

hasn't he also been the driving force behind v.a.w.a.? billion$ gone into a feminist black hole w/o accountability. and can anybody name who has been about the 'only voice in the wilderness' (congress) to consistently vote against this financial boondoggle? remember, any congressman who votes against feminist handout$ is auto-attacked as misogynist by feminists and manginas everywhere. there's an ap for that.

proposed jeopardy question: a woman who hates men by virtue of their gender?

contestants: silence.

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Biden's pulling a Hillary. He isn't really campaigning. Why didn't Hillary campaign? Health problems. Why isn't Biden campaigning? I suspect the same reason. At 7x most ppl don't have the kind of energy DJT has. Going vs. him is not easy for anyone with less energy that he has.

I suspect bad health is what is keeping Biden back from the campaign trail.

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