Parents Seek to Bring Due Process to Title IX Sexual Misconduct Cases Following Son’s Plight

Article here. Excerpt:

'The couple shared their story with Breitbart News, a harrowing tale about how their son became one of hundreds who have been accused of violating Title IX.

Their son is a victim of a federal law designed to prevent discrimination based on sex that morphed into a secretive process stacked against those accused of sexual misconduct following Barack Obama’s 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter from the Department of Education sent to educational institutions.

Charges of “dating violence” and sexual assault launched against their son by a former girlfriend while he was a student at Washington University in Missouri. The charges caused his eventual expulsion from the school — a decision made without due process, his parents said.

They also said a report from campus police who were called to the dorm room where their son and girlfriend were located found no evidence of physical violence.

It also eventually led to dashing the young man’s hope of having a career in the U.S. military because he was expelled from Reserve Officers’ Training Course (ROTC) and made to repay a college scholarship he received from the organization.'

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