Democrat Katie Hill Admits Affair with Campaign Staffer, Apologizes

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) admitted Wednesday to having had an affair with a staffer on her congressional campaign.

Her admission seemed to contradict her denial the day before of an affair with a male member of her congressional staff, though the admission Wednesday may concern a different, female staffer who worked on her campaign but not in her Capitol Hill office.

The House adopted new ethics rules this year (by voice vote, not roll call vote) banning romantic relationships between members of Congress and their staffers, in response to the #metoo movement.
In fact, Hill repeatedly made the fight against sexual harassment a central theme of her congressional campaign, arguing that electing more female leaders to Congress would be part of the solution to the ongoing problem.'

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Didn't solve the whole sexual harassment thing.

But she's a woman, so I guess it's okay.

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