Liberal Supreme Court Short List Packed With Radical Activists, Short on Actual Judges

Article here. Excerpt:

'On Tuesday, hours before the fourth Democratic presidential debate, the liberal group Demand Justice released a short list of Supreme Court nominees for the candidates to adopt. Tragically but unsurprisingly, the list is packed with liberal activists, short on sitting judges, and dangerous for due process, free speech, and other constitutional values. Democrats would be wise to avoid this list and most of the names on it, but it seems likely at least one candidate — perhaps Beto O'Rourke? — will adopt it.

As KC Johnson, a history professor and co-author of The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America's Universities, noted that the Demand Justice list included Catherine Lhamon, former assistant secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education. Her office sent the notorious "Dear Colleague" letter that unleashed a "sex bureaucracy" on American college campuses. That bureaucracy famously denied basic due process rights to men accused of sexual assault, ruining lives in the name of protecting "victims." The Trump administration rightly began reversing it.

"The list's including Catherine Lhamon ... speaks volumes about how the activist left approaches campus fairness," Johnson tweeted. "At virtually any other point b/w the 1950s and 2011, someone best known for eviscerating the rights of the accused would be seen as a pariah on the left, not as a possible Supreme Court nominee. Extraordinary shift in thinking in the last 8-10yrs."'

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