Why does UNC have such a high sexual assault rate? Because it defines nearly everything as sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Colleges and universities that participated in the Association of American Universities’ recent sexual assault survey are sharing their own results this week, and some are even more shocking than the highly misleading “1 in 4” number for women undergraduates nationally.
Like other media outlets, the North Carolina TV station evidently didn’t look at the definitions in the report, which tells students that consent is nullified by “incapacitation” (undefined) and when their partners miss their “cues to stop or slow,” among other qualifiers. It does not specify what level of “cue” is unambiguous, or even define the term.

By telling students that anything that bothered them about their sexual encounter renders it nonconsensual, UNC and the other participating schools are massively inflating their actual sexual assault problem.'

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