Liz Warren Once Eulogized A Man By Accusing Him Of Sexual Harassment In Front Of His Children

Article here. Excerpt:

'Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren once eulogized a former colleague by accusing him of sexual harassment in front of his ex-wife and children, according to a profile of the presidential candidate in the Washington Post.

Warren, who got her first full-time teaching job at the University of Houston, returned to campus 15 years later to deliver a eulogy for UH law professor Eugene Smith. Smith was a “champion” of Warren, according to WaPo, and specifically requested she speak at his funeral after he passed away from polio complications.
From WaPo:

“With a smile on her face and humor in her voice, Warren described how Smith had invited her to his office one day just a few months after she had been hired. He shut the door and lunged for her, she said, and as she protested, he chased her around his desk before she was able to escape out the door.”

John Mixon, a former UH law professor, described the crowd as “slack-jawed” at the eulogy, and added that the story didn’t even seem plausible given Smith’s limited mobility due to the polio.'

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does she fish and hunt? those are skills one acquires while learning to tell lies, or vice versa. I can never remember. nah, she probably isn't one of us. we learn over time and experience to tell lies in stories that are at least somewhat believable. its a sort of art form. isn't there a name for people who lie just for the sake of telling lies? psycho or something? we all know the word for people who just hate men.

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