Rights groups urge Cyprus to drop false rape case against Briton

Article here. Excerpt:

'Human rights and feminist groups are calling for Cypriot authorities to drop the case against a British teenager accused of falsely claiming she was raped by 12 Israeli tourists in a hotel room.

The 19-year-old, who reported the alleged assault almost three months ago but was then arrested after revoking her criminal complaint, is due to go on trial on Tuesday on a charge of public mischief. She has pleaded not guilty to fabricating the accusation of rape, but could be imprisoned for up to a year if found guilty.

Forced to relinquish her passport and remain in Nicosia, the island’s capital, she has already spent a month in detention, sharing a cramped cell with nine other women.

A growing number of human rights organisations are demanding her release.

“It’s brutal what she and her family have had to endure,” said Susana Pavlou, the director of the Nicosia-based Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies. “It is totally disproportionate to what she is accused of.”'

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she admitted to falsely accusing of a heinous crime had been convicted they would have been in for far, far worse punishment, and maybe even death in prison. oh, but let's openly kiss some feminist arse and show the world thy honorable and equitable distribution of compassion under the law for the privileged gender.

heck, in the u.s. she would never have to even have given her crimes a second thought. and they said we have no royalty. looks like birthright privilege to me.

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