Now ‘survivors’ at Georgia Tech demand Angel Cabrera be fired for supporting Kavanaugh

Article here. Excerpt:

'Controversy is following Ángel Cabrera, former president of George Mason University, as he takes the helm at Georgia Institute of Technology. The reason? His support of the hiring of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at GMU as a visiting law professor.

The GT for Survivors group has been vocal against Carbera’s hire for months, but the recently revived allegations against Kavanaugh highlighted in a new book prompted its members to reignite their agitation, despite the fact that the claims have been denied by Kavanaugh’s alleged victim.

“Students at GT and GMU don’t think Kavanaugh’s elevation to SCOTUS means that the allegations made against him should have been overlooked when Angel Cabrera hired him to teach at GMU, either @Mason4Survivors,” the group tweeted on Sept. 26.'

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just do away with affirmative action? that will do away with a LOT of this less than intelligent crowd. next they will be demanding that math be eliminated from the s.t.e.m.s. nip it in the bud as barney would say. just how low will the average i.q. go in college before America gets 'woke' to this marxist depravity?

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