'No consent' circumcision doctor suspended for a month

Article here. Excerpt:

'A mother whose son was circumcised without her consent said she was "furious" the doctor has only been suspended for a month.

The boy was taken to be circumcised by his Muslim grandmother, and Dr Balvinder Mehat did not check the mother consented to the procedure.

Dr Mehat was investigated by the General Medical Council and admitted the allegation at a misconduct hearing.

However, the tribunal decided he was "no risk to patients".

"It's an absolute joke and I won't trust another doctor ever again," said the boy's mother.

"If I went round and cut his bits off I would be getting years in prison.

"Even if they struck him off it wouldn't have been enough punishment, because he has caused my son so much pain, but such a short suspension is a slap in the face."'

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A one-month suspension for mutilating a child's genitals is not enough. To give such puny punishment for doing so without even a parent's misinformed permission is pathetic.

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