Smash the patriarchy with witchcraft

I can't make this stuff up. Article here. Excerpt:

'Ms. Grossman was showing me her altar, a pastiche of moon pendants, candles, crystals and dried flowers. She calls herself a witch, and cast spells and teaches magical history. She has been named “the Terry Gross of witches” for “The Witch Wave” podcast she hosts. In June, she published “Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power.” And last weekend, she was an organizer of the Occult Humanities Conference hosted by New York University.

Today’s witches — those who identify more with feminism than burnings at the stake — are a part of the collective consciousness. For nearly two years, President Trump has called the investigation into Russia’s influence in the 2016 election a “witch hunt.” Witches are the subject of recent art exhibits. Even members of the Wing, the popular co-working space among well-heeled women in their 30s, refer to themselves as a coven.
Ms. Grossman, who keeps a statue of the Roman goddess Diana the Huntress on her altar, said witches are having a resurgence among feminists who want authority over their own lives. But they continue to be persecuted in places like Papua New Guinea, where angry mobs have recently accused vulnerable people, often women, of sorcery.

The witch is “the perfect symbol for anyone who wants to subvert the status quo and who wants to proclaim they belong to themselves,” Ms. Grossman said.'

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