Two years of #MeToo: a disaster for men and women

Article here. Excerpt:

'#MeToo began with serious accusations of rape. But as it cast its net ever-wider, the crimes became, well, less serious. Joe Biden kissed the top of a woman’s head. Morgan Freeman apparently touched a young woman’s back. Aziz Ansari reportedly poured his date a glass of red wine when, unknown to him, she really fancied white wine instead. This is, at the very worst, bad manners. But #MeToo teaches us that there is no objective definition of sexual harassment. If certain behaviour is unwanted and perceived by a woman to be sexual harassment, then it is sexual harassment. Context, intent, even a man’s actions count for nothing compared to a woman’s feelings.

#MeToo teaches us, above all else, that all interactions between men and women are potentially problematic. In universities, students are taught that physical contact with another person requires explicit permission. Lecturers are advised to leave the office door open during tutorials to guard against false accusations. Codes of conduct proscribe relationships between staff and students. Many happy marriages may have begun with flirting in the office but now the human-resources department is likely to have just the policy necessary to nip any romance in the bud. Post-#MeToo, a majority of male bosses report feeling uncomfortable mentoring junior female colleagues. Way to go, feminism – a victory for women!'

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Some actress was complaining the other day that men don't get slut-shamed.

No, they don't.

Men just have their lives destroyed #MeToo. Or spend their lives in jail due to false allegations.

But no, men don't get slut shamed.

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