No boys allowed: Girls-only tech class gives students 'confidence' for skilled trades

Article here. Excerpt:

'A month into school and students in the female-only tech class at St. Joseph's Catholic High School in Windsor are putting the finishing touches on wooden boxes they've constructed. The Grade 9 girls wear all the required safety gear to carve designs into their boxes and apply finishing touches.

The course — Exploring Technologies — is brand new at the school this year and school officials said it filled up almost immediately after being offered.

Sam Santarossa didn't realize how much effort went in to making things, and said the opportunity to learn without the guys around is helpful.

"I really like it, personally, because the boys seem to get off track very easily, and I think with all of us together, it just makes it easier for all of us to learn."
Teacher Ryan Coop said the girls actually pay closer attention to their work than the boys he teaches do.

"Their attention spans [are] better than the guys," said Coop. "The [girls] are just as good, if not better, in every way."'

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Can you get women to build a house outside in the heat and cold?

Based on results, I'd say no. Building a box outside in a shop is one thing; building a house outside is quite another.

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