UK: Police are ordered to carry on believing anyone who makes an abuse claim is a victim

Article here. Excerpt:

'Detectives investigating historic sex crimes are still being trained to believe anyone who says they are a victim, despite being ordered to stop by a damning report into Scotland Yard's bungled VIP paedophile ring investigation.

Senior officers were issued with new rules just last month by the College of Policing, which say that anyone who makes abuse claims should automatically be considered a 'victim', with 'the intention that victims are believed'.

The advice ignores recommendations from retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques, who wrote a devastating report exposing how officers relentlessly pursued false claims of historic abuse by a fantasist known as 'Nick'.

Sir Richard's report on Scotland Yard's investigation, Operation Midland, advised that 'the instruction to believe a victim's account should cease'.'

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