"Millennial men need to man up"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Modern feminism spends a lot of time attacking toxic masculinity. And this attack, which often turns into an attack on traditional gender roles, is having serious consequences. It is leading to the churning out of insecure, non-competitive men, who can’t seem to manage basic life skills. It also means that trying to find an interesting person to connect with, let alone a life partner, is becoming more and more of a challenge with Generation Woke.

Accusing someone of toxic masculinity has become a way to denigrate any man who doesn’t comply with the modern demands of feminism. It’s a term that can be used almost indiscriminately. It can be used to put down men who have, say, a pro-life stance on abortion, or have simply been promoted in the workplace above a female counterpart.
There is a way to challenge behaviour that perpetuates sexism. But this self-apologising culture we are creating is not that way. And it is having serious consequences. If we keep this up, we’ll be cultivating a generation of painfully insecure men who revel in their incompetence. For the sake of the future, I’m urging millennial men to ignore the false messages, grow up and man up.'

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I ran this because it demonstrates the attitude of young feminist women. They want a "real man" but have taught the young men that any sense of manly selfhood is at least suspicious if not just plain bad.

Fuck the author and her longings for a kind of man she couldn't handle if she had one. She can content herself with her 6-speed vibrator. Millenial men can and should be whatever the Hell suits them. Millenial women can get used to that or get lost. Or both.

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