UK: Women-only engineering academy opens in Sheffield

Article here. Excerpt:

'Liberty Steel Female Engineering Academy has just welcomed its first cohort of young trainees at The Sheffield College’s Olive Grove campus, with the aim of helping address the skills gap – and, ultimately, boosting the region’s economic growth.

“It’s a ‘throw in the dark’ in a way,” says Tony Goddard, training delivery manager at the academy’s sponsor, Liberty Speciality Steels.

“We’re looking to see if the opportunity to study together as a group of girls will encourage other girls to try this engineering course. If it works, brilliant.
“We’re trying to make it equal. The whole point of running an educational establishment is to make sure young people understand they can do anything they want to do, and engineering is something that we want to try and encourage young women into, to make it an equal playing field for all.”'

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before schools are throwing out affirmative action engineering degrees like candy at Mardi Gras. Look what it did to law schools. I am going through a probate disaster now. my mom's 'Will' is the least of their concerns. billable hours is all that concerns them, 2 years later. people have told me that if someone slips the judge some $$ the outcome can vary greatly. I believe it has already happened. my lawyer didn't even inform me the court date today had been changed. last time he slipped up and mentioned that 'in tomorrow's hearing'...
I exploded. Court date tomorrow? 'oh, I didn't tell you?' he replied. I do believe they are trying to get my sis appointed executor when I miss a court date. its like dealing with really nasty, poorly educated children.

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... are one thing. They do some damage but eventually are competed out of the profession. Btw, sounds like you picked a lemon for a lawyer. Be careful about trying to "slip some money" to the judge, too.

But incompetent engineers... different story. Before their incompetence gets discovered they could easily mis-design all manner of things whose failings don't become apparent until... the wing falls off, or the trestle collapses, or the program enters a bad state, etc. Incompetent engineering gets ppl killed and can cost HUGE amts. of money as cos. need to re-design, re-build, pay out lawsuit money, etc.

I agree though, soon if not already, Cracker Jack engineering degrees'll start getting handed out just so schools can say they had X women engineers graduate this year, etc. Hopefully the REAL engineers among them will stand out and be hirable/useful while the ersatz ones are sent away.

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